Springfield Illinois' premier lifestyle magazine.

Eighteen21 was created by a bunch of like-minded individuals that wanted to improve access to lifestyle news, and features, in Springfield Illinois. 
Why Eighteen21 you say? Well, Springfield was officially incorporated in 1821 and since it’s here that our worlds have happily collided we couldn’t think of a more suitable name for our online magazine. We also think it’s pretty cool. 

With design, photography, media and business backgrounds the energetic tribe consisting of Gemma Long, Chris Long, Ericka Hatcher, Colby Jennings, and Kate Spencer aims to bring you up-to-date info on the latest goings-on in our capital city and beyond.

Our features will take you behind the scenes of local organizations and the people that make them tick. With the latest in fashion, beauty, business, health and homes, to name a few topics that will feature, we hope you enjoy your daily dose of Eighteen21 – celebrating the best of Springfield and its people! 

Eighteen21 |ˈāˌtēnˌtwen(t)ēˈwən/|

Definition: The year Sangamon county was incorporated.  A year forever tied to Springfield Illinois.