Springfield Illinois' premier lifestyle magazine.

Eighteen21 was created by the team at Gem PR & Media to provide those living in and around Springfield, Illinois, with the city’s first free, online, lifestyle magazine covering people, places, organizations and businesses in our community.

Having relocated back to the US from the UK  2014 we noticed a lack of community-related stories.  There are many groups and individuals working to make Springfield Illinois a great place to live and we felt those stories need more attention.

In just over a year of operation, we’ve discovered the heart and soul of a growing craft beer industry, a boom in coffee culture with numerous new cafes offering better products than the international chains.  We’ve spoken to tech entrepreneurs changing the world from our hometown.  We’ve met some talented artists and of course, some truly inspirational charitable organizations working to solve local issues. 

Our stories take you behind the scenes of local organizations and the people that make them tick. With the latest in fashion, business, health, and homes, to name a few, we hope you enjoy Eighteen21– celebrating the best of Springfield and its people!

Eighteen21 |ˈāˌtēnˌtwen(t)ēˈwən/|

Definition: Sangamon County was created by an act of the Illinois General Assembly on Jan. 30, 1821.  Springfield Illinois and the surrounding community are our home.  Naming our magazine after the year Sangamon County was created seemed like a good starting point.