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Eighteen21.com spoke with RichCorr Designs co-owners JJ Corredato and Donnie Richardson to see what’s been happening since speaking with them last year.  RichCorr Designs, now on its third year in business has been as busy as ever, and while still working out of their homes, have found inventive ways to take on larger projects as they can continue working towards plans of expanding into a larger shop and possible storefront.

Since our initial article, the duo has taken on numerous commissioned pieces of various sizes and durations ranging from three days to three weeks.

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“We were excited to team up with Anvil and Forge Brewing and Distilling to work on some custom pieces that will be used in their new location in the 600 block of East Washington Street in Springfield. We have also done some pieces for BuzzBomb Brewing in Springfield, Copper Stills & Mash in Carrollton, Dads Can Too, Big Shots Bar, Riverton Softball, Springfield BMX, Amboy Fire, Springfield Firefighters Local 37, SHA, and Springfield Kings Hockey, to name a few,” said JJ.

RichCorr Designs continues to work on multiple pieces at a time and is constantly expanding its knowledge and hand when it comes to new techniques and custom designs.  Between all the bustle, the pair has found time to work on custom hitch covers along with various yard sculptures and art pieces – further expanding its repertoire.

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“The feedback and support has been amazing.  A recent customer told us “this is not a metal sign, this is a piece of art”. Our customers can take pride in knowing that they didn’t just buy a piece from us, but that they also helped create it.  We hope to continue to create custom pieces for the people and businesses of Central Illinois and would love to start selling online,” said JJ.

To view samples of RichCorr Design’s work along with business and contact information, visit the RichCorr Designs website and don’t forget to like and follow them on Facebook.

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Phone: 217-971-6711

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