Timōtheus Brothers Brewery Springfield IL

Timōtheus Brothers Brewery Springfield IL
Scott and Jay Timm

Scott and Jay Timm

Big things are brewing at Timotheus Brothers Brewery. Scott and Jay Timm operate this up and coming microbrewery. The duo has been brewing as a team for over eight years – starting individually at first, then coming together to create a variety of suds with colorful names such as Veteran Brat, Arm Breaker, Scotty O’Jays, and their fall seasonal Timtōberfest, which is set to hit shelves this month.

Hailing from Sherman, Scott, 54, and Jay, 50, based their brewing operations in Springfield. Establishing their business in the capital city allowed them to give back to the community they love, by watching their dollars flow back into the local economy. But starting their own brewery proved to be no small task and the pair ran into many of the same hiccups experienced by microbrewers before them. Curveballs, like licensing and securing commercial property space, proved to be challenging, but they put in the hard work and dedication required to succeed and watched as their small operation blossomed.

Growth and success have allowed Timōtheus Brothers Brewery to expand further leading to the recent addition of a three-barrel all electric system with a glycol chiller. With this chiller, the brewers are now able to manipulate the temperature of their fermenting beers, giving them better control over their final product. This larger system will also yield higher volumes – meaning an increase in quality and batch size; a welcome blessing for beer drinkers everywhere.

Timōtheus Brothers Brewery is currently retailing 22 oz. bottles at Bunn Gourmet, County Market, Friar Tuck, HyVee, and West of Wise Winery with tap service available at Boones Saloon, HyVee/Market Grill, Westwood’s Lodge and Arlington’s in Springfield, Fire and Ale in Sherman, Danenberger Family Vineyards in New Berlin, Spirited Republic in Lincoln and Sheedy Shores Winery in Loami. Their beer is also available at Friar Tuck and Hyvee in Bloomington and Darlings Dine and Draft in Peoria Heights.

The brothers hope to open a tasting room shortly, which will offer free tastings with bottles, growlers, and kegs to go – a departure from typical bar type tasting rooms. We can’t wait to see what other surprises they have to offer.


Here is a complete list of Timōtheus Brothers Brewery offerings:

Sunset Blonde
Sunset Blonde is an All-American ale with impeccable quality. The ale yeast contributes a complex fruity flavor and bread-like aroma. This beer has a light malty flavor with a pleasant touch of citrus, giving it a unique and refreshing quality.  5.1% ABV. Pairs well with pizza, red meat, and poultry.

Red Knight
This is a hybrid wheat beer with a blended a combination of red and white wheat to enhance your tasting pleasure. As a twist, the brothers have added a pilsner malt to finish it off. This, with their choice of hops, makes it a full flavored malty experience.  5.4% ABV. Pairs well with pizza, red meat, poultry, and fish. 

Summer Ale
Even though summer is officially over, that doesn’t mean that our taste buds know that. This clean beer has a refreshing taste of citrus and sunshine. Lightly hopped for all to enjoy. 4.8% ABV. Pairs well with pizza, burgers, and hors d'oeuvres.

Scotty O’Jays
This is a take on an American Irish Red Ale. The brothers have blended an American yeast with Irish style malts to create an amazing red ale. The full flavored malty smooth finish all the way to the last drop matches the deep, rich, red color.  5.7% ABV. Pairs well with red meats and spicy foods. 

Veteran Brat
This beer is not over the top hoppy and by no means weak on the palate. This pale ale is a great tasting beer that leaves you asking for more. The beer is named after the brothers’ father who was a veteran, which makes them ‘military brats’. 5.2% ABV. Pairs well with spicy foods, fish, pork, and red meat. 

Arm Breaker
What a name for a session IPA. With an over the top aroma of centennial hops and clean crisp hoppy flavor, this is a great full-bodied beer without the higher alcohol content. Your mouth will surely be asking for another. 5.3 % ABV. Pairs well pork, salads, and spicy foods.

Anni One
This is Timōtheus Brothers Brewery’s first-year anniversary beer. It is a milk stout that melts in your mouth. This is a full-bodied stout, which will explode with slightly sweet flavors of caramel and coffee. It’s a great beer for a long winter’s night or day. It always goes down smooth. 6.5% ABV. Pairs well with Mexican, spicy BBQ, chocolate cake, and Ice cream.