Three Twigs Bakery in downtown Springfield Illinois

Three Twigs Bakery in downtown Springfield Illinois

We have fallen in love with Three Twigs Bakery, the resident bakery at Custom Cup Coffee in downtown Springfield, Illinois. Our daughter is allergic to dairy so I often travel with healthy, nondairy snacks, wherever we go. I’m so conscious of what we’re feeding her little body that we make everything from scratch at home and this means, as well as daily food prep, I bake at least three-to-four times a week. But I have found somewhere that I trust to feed my baby girl too. At Three Twigs Bakery, there are peanut free, dairy free, gluten free, and egg free delicious foods available at a reasonable price. And the ingredients are all locally sourced.

Owners, Emily and Timothy Lewis, 23 and 24 respectively started Three Twigs while living in Joliet, IL in January 2017. Emily was previously working for a catering company in Elkhart, IL from the time she was 16 to 19 years old and Tim was a laborer before he became full time at the bakery. “It’s going great at Custom Cup. It’s a huge blessing to be partnered with Brent and Kendra and we’re forever thankful,” said Emily.

Everyone I’ve talked to in Springfield about Three Twigs Bakery has had something positive to say. “We bring something to the table that other bakeries in the area don’t offer and we’re always changing the menu, which makes it a mini adventure every time you walk in the door,” said Emily.

The husband and wife duo bake custom orders for events and are especially known for creating the most delicious treats for weddings. “When we moved back home to the Springfield area we looked to expand and that’s when we found Custom Cup. We still truly enjoy being a part of special events for amazing people in our town.”

Emily is particularly fond of baking anything that involves dough. “So things like cinnamon rolls and homemade bread.” Tim prefers to bake brownies and blondies. “He especially loves to make the gluten-free/vegan chocolate chunk blondies,” said Emily. I can vouch for the gluten-free/vegan blondies and brownies they last mere seconds when our little girl gets her hands on one. “We knew right away that we wanted to serve people with special dietary needs,” said Emily. “Whether that be by their own choice, special diet/health reasons, or allergies. There aren’t many places that offer peanut free, dairy free, gluten free, egg free foods and it makes it very difficult for those who want those items. I’ve had friends who come out to eat with us and they have to sit and watch us eat because there was nothing for them. We don’t think that’s fair. So we like to offer a wide variety of forever changing options. And we’re very careful about not cross contaminating.”

Emily and Tim are very happy at Custom Cup Coffee, owned by Kendra and Brent Boesdorfer, and feel the community has rallied around them. “What I love most about Springfield is that it feels like home. Downtown Springfield has especially been a blessing. Everyone in the area, customers, and other local business members have made us feel like a part of one big family. It’s a huge support system and we’re incredibly thankful to be a part of this amazing city.”

Emily and Tim’s ultimate goal is to provide a beautiful and unique wedding and special events venue that is completely different from anything else offered in the area. “We will be a full-service event location and also a space for families and the whole community to enjoy,” said Emily.

Starting in April Three Twigs Bakery will be offering gourmet grilled cheeses on homemade bread with cheeses from a dairy farm in Arthur, IL. “We’ll also be serving up made from scratch pot pies.”

Emily and Tim make everything from scratch. “A part of our logo is that we’re “locally sourced” and we have “handmade ingredients”. And that’s nothing but the truth. We love the support we get from this community so we want to show the same by supporting other local businesses, like local farms. So all of our produce, dairy, meats, and flours come from local farms and markets and it really does make for a better product.”

Three Twigs Bakery delivers for free on orders of $20 or more for downtown Springfield and $10 for all of Springfield. There is a mileage fee for orders outside of Springfield. Orders can be made by going into Custom Cup Coffee, by phone (call or text), email, social media, or through the website.

I hope you all enjoy the tasty (vegan) treats as much as our family does.