The right DJ makes all the difference

If you’re after a DJ in Springfield once you’ve found one you won’t have to look too much further to find another. Amongst the city’s network of DJs is Troy Armstrong of The Troy Armstrong DJ Company and Tony Boston of Superior Sound Entertainment both of which put the success of their businesses down to referrals born out of networking and building long lasting relationships. 


Troy, who last year provided DJ services at 31 wedding receptions, 15 ceremonies, and 90 total events, said Business Networking International (BNI) has helped build awareness of his name and brand. “I have been a member of BNI since April 2011. As well as growing my own business, I enjoy the camaraderie among the members and helping other people within the chapter develop their network of contacts,” he said.

DJs in Springfield, IL

Tony Boston offers DJ and master of ceremonies services specializing in wedding receptions, as well as up-lighting, monograms, cake mapping and cloud effects at almost any celebration from pool parties and school dances to holiday parties and corporate events. He is past president on the Springfield Insiders chapter, which meets every Wednesday from 7.45am at Country Financial 2931 Montvale, and has been a member since it first launched several years ago. Tony said the networking opportunities through BNI were better than anything else he has experienced. “I have made long lasting relationships with many of the current and former members of the group and feel like I know those people better than I know anyone else in my referral network,” said Tony. “By meeting each week, it is much easier to create these connections and have confidence that members will treat those I send to them with the utmost professionalism.”

Tony said many times the referrals he has received through BNI have led to additional referrals. “I have a group of people looking out for opportunities to refer me to someone in their network in need of my services,” he said.  “It has led to many new clients and connections I would never have made without meeting the members of BNI.”

Both Tony and Troy recommended that anyone with a business, not just those with DJ services, should visit all four of Springfield’s BNI chapters in order to find out which group of people will be most beneficial. “Listen to the number of referrals passed in a single year and think about how many referrals it would take to pay the dues. As long as you attend on a weekly basis, I have no question it would be beneficial to grow your business, your relationship base, and your profit,” he said.

For Troy BNI is about meeting as many people as possible. “The BNI motto is so true: givers gain.”

For information about The Troy Armstrong DJ Company visit and for Superior Sound Entertainment. If you are interested in visiting a Business Networking International chapter in Springfield get in touch with Central Illinois Director, Jeff Ensinger, on 309 453 2463 or email or visit BNI