Standing room only at Facebook Community Boost

It was standing room only at the launch of today’s two-day Facebook Community Boost event at the BOS Center in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

Ahead of Mayor Jim Langfelder taking to the stage to welcome attendees, many small local independent business owners, Matty De Castro, director, Global Solutions of Facebook, thanked those who had made the time to come out.

He led a panel of three small businesses, which included our pals at Buzz Bomb Brewing Company (#AdamsFamily) - winners of the Inaugural Local First Springfield Best Collaborators Award shared with Cafe Moxo - where panelists discussed the benefits of using Facebook to grow their businesses and the importance of knowing your audience.

Matty, based in Chicago but with family ties to Springfield, said he was exceptionally pleased with the turnout. “I thought it was amazing, I’ve never seen standing room only before.”

He said Springfield was chosen because of the high concentration of businesses in the city. “We just think it’s a huge opportunity to help small businesses here. Facebook is a component of it but they [businesses] should be thinking about using social media tools to drive growth. He added that Facebook is committed to making these tools available to small businesses.

The event runs through Tuesday, December 4.