Springfield Emojis!

Springfield is one of the first cities in the US to have its very own emoji keyboard and mobile app. 

Tim and Brittany Wallin are the brains behind SPFLD Emojis, which launched today, and offers anyone with a phone access to more than 60 emojis including local landmarks and celebrities – as well as Springfield icons such as Lincoln and the horseshoe.  

Texting and messaging apps are the preferred forms of communication these days said Tim. “That, combined with how much people love to use emojis, makes this a fun and creative way to tell friends where you are and what is happening.” 

The app also has emojis for local events, news, weather, and deals, which will be updated regularly. 

Although a handful of other cities provide access to keyboards, SPFLD Emojis is the first to incorporate many of the features being offered. In addition to sharing through a messaging app, the SPFLD Emojis platform allows each emoji to be saved to the users phone or emailed. “We wanted to create something for the Springfield community, which both residents and tourists could participate in, that also involved local businesses,” said Brittany.

Businesses can be listed by their logos, sponsor an emoji, or have a custom emoji created. Emojis can also be linked to a local business. When a user taps on the emoji he or she can call that business directly or visit its website.

“Incorporating this technology into SPFLD Emojis gives local businesses a new way to build brand awareness or market a product. Now you can make your business part of the conversation in a way people will want to share through text messaging,” said Brittany.

Keep your eyes peeled for further releases, which include the Illinois State Fair, golf courses and holidays.

Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download or visit www.SpringfieldILEmojis.com for more information.