Serious(ly) Great Lip Balm

Wow folks, just wow. If you don’t already have a Serious Lip Balm bundle or balm (or two, three, or four) on your Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter – ok all holidays and festivities that bring with them plenty of treats – wish list, you need to add these immediately. 
I met the Serious Lip Balm trio of Megan Luckey, Khara Koffel, and Darren Iozia “The Suit” at an Innovate Springfield presentation (that I was giving on social media) and I was struck, not only by Khara’s colorful bob, but also the enthusiasm all three showed for their products and my presentation (it’s always nice to find out someone took something away that’s useful.) Everything is handmade locally in Jacksonville, IL. So, I hopped online early the next morning and ordered myself a trio of all-natural lip balm containing beeswax, sweet almond oil, shea butter, lanolin, and scented lip balm oil. I chose peanut butter and jelly, mint hot chocolate, and key lime pie, and a Spoilt B*tch’s Bundle with Serious Lip Balm, Serious Lip Scrub, and Serious Lotion Bar. I contacted the fabulous three to let them know I’d be doing a review (we love supporting other local businesses) and could they send me some photos. Well, not only did I get a lovely email back, and great photos, but also some seriously scrumptious extras including the Serious Whip Moisturizing Lotion, a Serious Fix Healing Balm, and more than a handful of Serious Lip Balms, including biscuits and gravy!  

SLB - Serious Balms 2.jpeg

I love the packaging – it’s totally on trend and the products are wonderful. As a mom of a 15-month-old I regularly have my hands in water and as a result they are super dry – the Serious Lotion Bar. I’ve been applying every night now for almost a week and I can honestly tell the difference already. The lip scrub works wonders too – and is the perfect companion to the lip balms of which there are countless scents to choose from. There’s also a cream for puppy paws!
But this story isn’t just about the seriously delightful products because the trio are also doing amazing things for their community and that’s what I’ve fallen in love with. 
Serious Lip Balm has been working with three organizations, Elm City Center, The Mia Ware Foundation, and Camp Lions of Illinois through their initiative Good Does Good. Elm City Center provides people with disabilities work, social, vocational and residential services that help them live independently in the community. In 2016 Elm City began working with Serious Lip Balm to help with the production and labeling of balms and it’s something of which the trio are very proud. 
And… I got an email from Khara to say they were doing even more this year. “We just started working with two new community organizations in order to help further the amazing work they are doing - Mommy Hubbard's NICU Cupboard that supports families whose children are in the NICU in St. John's as well as the Jacksonville Public Library's Bookmobile that helps encourage underprivileged kids to read during the summer months.” 
So, basically, these guys are pretty impressive and so are their products. If you’re planning on buying something special that smells seriously good, is affordable, and made locally, for the someone special in your life, then buy him, her, or pup some Serious stuff – and know that you’re also giving back to our community! 

SLB - The Team.png