Now is the time to review your insurance policy

Now is the time to review your insurance policy

Why is it that there’s always such a scramble when it comes to completing some of the most important tasks in life? From filing taxes to booking annual physicals and creating retirement funds to sorting health, car and home insurance. Well, this month why not take the time to meet with your insurance advisor to review your current policy. Thursday, June 28 marks National Insurance Awareness Day and provides the opportunity to do just that. Our in-house insurance advisor, Jay Davis of COUNTRY Financial, tells us more. 

Stop putting off the time you need to review your insurance. National Insurance Awareness Day provides the opportunity to assess your insurance coverage and make sure everything is correct on your policy and has you covered. 

I tell all of my clients, when it comes to insurance, the right coverage is not one-size-fits-all, but rather a selection that’s customized for you and your family’s or business’ needs, which can also change year by year; a new baby arrives, you buy a second home, or you expand the company. 

Here are a few answers to some of the questions I get about insurance on an almost daily basis. 

Can I afford insurance? 

Insurance is more affordable than you think. The one-size-fits-all aspect applies to price too because the cost of insurance can vary based on the coverage you choose. What you cannot afford is not having insurance. 

Which moves us on to … 

Do I need insurance? 

There are no guarantees in life. When you have the right insurance policy though, you can live easier knowing that unexpected events like car accidents, a break-in at your home, or a health emergency are covered. It’s not just the cost of repairing the car, replacing stolen items, or getting you back to good health, it’s the value in peace of mind that insurance brings to you and your family or business. 

If that’s not enough to convince you that you need to make insurance a priority, then perhaps this will. If you don’t have insurance you could be breaking the law. At the very least, no matter which state you live in – and COUNTRY Financial serves clients in 17 states* - driving without insurance or financial responsibility is against the law.

So take time out of just one day this month and sit down with your insurance advisor to review your existing policies. 

Jay Davis, located at 2931 Montvale, Springfield, Illinois, is a supporter of the Innocence Project and a former pro golf player. If you have any questions about insurance for yourself, your family, or your business get in touch on 217 698 3480 or email For more information about Jay’s services visit his website or Facebook page.

*Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington