Featured Central Illinois Artist: Thom Whalen

Featured Central Illinois Artist: Thom Whalen


Our most recent featured artist is Thom Whalen, Lincoln Land Community College’s Professor of Art.

What is you age?


What is your art?

Painting, sculpture, silkscreen

Where were you born?

Hillsboro, Illinois

Where do you live now?

Chatham, Illinois

When did you fall in love with art and/or discover your talent?

Since forever

What training do you have or are you self-taught?  

I have a BA in Painting and Art History, Master of Fine Arts from University of Kansas in painting

Who or what influences your work?

Mesoamerican, The Hairy Who, Roger Shimomura

What do you love about art?  

The freedom to tell stories

How many hours a week are you using your artistic skills?


How would you describe your art?

Social activism

What art project are you most proud of?

Social Justice Show in San Fran Cisco

How has your art changed over the years?

More controversial

How can people find out more about you?