Get organized for Mother’s Day and visit Page261 in Springfield

Get organized for Mother’s Day and visit Page261 in Springfield

Mother’s Day is on the horizon, May 13 in fact – dads, partners, kids, step kids, god kids, kids whose mom’s best friends love you like you’re their own (anyone that knows just how much mammas do) take note - so we stopped in at Page261 to find out about the store - and its founder Nicke Minder – which is full of goodies to purchase for all the lovely mamas out there – in Springfield and beyond! 

When did you begin designing products? 

I began Page261 in December of 2013. At that time I was making a hodgepodge of crafty things and it wasn't really making me happy. I decided to niche down and focus on drinkware a few months later. Eventually, I added some shirts and tote bags. Most of my designs are sarcastic in nature and my aesthetic is definitely monochrome. I own the trademark for Minivan Mafia and that's definitely what my online brand is known for. 

When did you open your store? 

I opened my retail location in August of 2017. I'm located at 1340 S. State St. right next to It's Scrapicated

Why do you think your products are so popular?

I think as a whole what makes my brand special is that people feel like they know me through the brand I have built. Most of the people who buy from me are loyal to me and purchase often. I try to let these loyal buyers know they are special to me and I appreciate their support ... and as a result, they tell their friends about my brand and my business grows through that word of mouth. 

What is your favorite design/product and why? 

My roots will always be in creating fun and sarcastic drinkware but lately, my favorite product to make is leather earrings. I started a second brand with my oldest daughter, which is called Avenue261. We create fun and affordable leather earrings. This brand is all about making women feel amazing in the accessories they wear. 

Mother’s Day is on the horizon - what should gift givers be looking out for in your store? 

Every item in my store is thoughtfully curated and created by women, for other women. There's a nice mix of drinkware items, bath and body products, accessories, and home decor items so usually people are able to find a unique handmade item for the ladies in their life.

What’s your background? 

Before I started page261 I was a teacher for deaf and hard of hearing students in the Chicagoland area. I went to college at ISU for this major and never in a million years did I think I would actually be able to own my own business although I always loved the idea of working for myself. 

Do you have any kids? 

I have two daughters and one ginger-haired son. :)

What’s your inspiration?

I love making people laugh. I love helping women connect with each other and support each other. I'm inspired by relationships people can build through something as simple as a coffee mug. I didn't use to be a girls’ girl but now I can't imagine my life without all of the amazingly strong women that I have in it.

What do you love about Springfield? 

Springfield has a lot of fiercely loyal people...once they connect to you they have your back! I'm so lucky to have so many fiercely loyal people that support my brand and business. 

Why should people shop local, independent, businesses like your own? 

Honestly, it just feels good. It feels good knowing exactly where your dollar is going and whom you are supporting. And there are so many fun and unique things to do and support locally in Springfield too! 

In addition to her fabulous store, Nicke also offers tweenage girl and ladies only "make your own drinkware" parties so if you are looking for something new and fun to do around town shoot her an email at pagetwosixtyone@gmail.comand book a party! 

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