Featured Central Illinois Artist: Gigi Mayernick

Featured Central Illinois Artist: Gigi Mayernick

This month’s featured artist is Gigi Mayernick. Gigi, 35, is a mural artist, was born in Springfield, and lives in Girard. She has loved art her whole life. 

What is your art?

Murals, custom orders, statues etc.

Where were you born?

Springfield, Illinois

Where do you live now?

Girard, Illinois

When did you fall in love with art and/or discover your talent?

My whole life.

What training do you have or are you self-taught? 

Mostly self taught, some schooling.

Who or what influences your work? 

My family, especially my little boy, Beau, who is my whole world.

What do you love about art? 

All the colors. The before and after.

How many hours a week are you using your artistic skills? 

Non stop. Every day I am covered in paint.

How would you describe your art?


Or which art project are you most proud?

My first mural: "The Buck at Mike Higginson Taxidermy in Girard". 

How has your art changed over the years?  

I am still growing as an Artist.  It is my faith in action. God is blessing me with more work. I went from having a fear of heights to loving it. That was the biggest change over the years. As many hours I have spent in man lifts and ladders it has become a part of me.

How can people find out more about you? 

Gigi.mayernick@gmail.com or 217-371-8585