Family trio takes Springfield by storm: Itty Bitty Fashion Truck

Family trio takes Springfield by storm: Itty Bitty Fashion Truck

Tricia Schlosser, 49, Rachel Jones, 39, and Krissy Olson, 27, are the founders and owners of Itty Bitty Fashion Truck – and they are sisters. Springfield born and bred, the trio a former pre-school aid, clinical research coordinator and department store buyer launched their fashion store on wheels in May last year and have already built up quite a demand for their little green, but gorgeous, van. We spoke to them about their success to date and plans for the future. 

What is Itty Bitty Fashion Truck? 
Itty Bitty Fashion truck is a mobile boutique. We sell the latest trends in apparel, jewelry, and accessories in a unique way- from a fabulous store on wheels. 

How did you identify a gap in the market for Itty Bitty Fashion Truck’s services? 
The industry of mobile retailing is a new and cutting edge way to shop, focusing on customer convenience, bringing the store to the customer. Mobile retailing offers flexibility in everything from product to connection to customers, whether that entails popping up in a heavily trafficked area or in a driveway for a private party. 

How far will Itty Bitty Fashion Truck travel?
We stay within a 20-mile radius of Springfield for private events, but will travel further for public events. 

What are your roles within the business? 
We are all equal members and co-manage the daily responsibilities, which include merchandise buying and pricing, maintaining inventory, marketing and social media, and truck driving.

Where do you see Itty Bitty Fashion Truck in the next five years? 
This is a question we are asked a lot, we have tossed around the idea of another truck or the possibility of a brick and mortar.

How do you give back to the community? 
We try to give back to the community we were raised in various ways, whether that be donating portions of proceeds to causes that are close to our hearts or volunteering to help with fundraisers. 

What does it mean to you to be part of a family business? 
We come from a very tight-knit family and it is a dream come true to be able to work together on our own business. Our family has been extremely supportive. 

What does it mean to you to have a business in Springfield? 
Springfield is our hometown and we are proud to own our business here. We love to support and partner with other local Springfield businesses as well. 

How do you each use your skills to support the business?  
We have all worked in retail in the past and Krissy brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous career in department store buying.

Why do you believe Itty Bitty Fashion Truck has achieved its success to date? 
We bring a new kind of experience to the community. Convenience and connection with our customers are key. 

How has social media helped your business? 
Social media is huge for us. It is a wonderful way to communicate and engage with our customer.

How often do you restock the truck? 
The truck is restocked after each event, typically two to three times a week. Our physical space is small so, that allows for our inventory to turn over rapidly. We receive new items weekly.

What fashion trends are you seeing currently?  
This fall we will be seeing a lot of floral and suede. Off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops and dresses are carrying through fall as well. 

What are your most popular items?  
We carry clothing, bags, and accessories. Dresses are typically best sellers for us.

Do you do private events? 
Yes. Private parties are one of our favorite things to do. The hostess invites some ladies over and we roll up for a private shopping experience. The hostess also receives a discount based upon the total sales of the party. The private parties are a lot of fun.

Can customers purchase items online? 
We will be launching online sales this fall.

How can we get in touch? 
We can be contacted through our website