Dr. Ugs Café: From drugstore to café

Dr. Ugs café is located in the rich farming community of Virginia, IL, on the south side of the square in a historic 1897 Eastlake style building. The building, with ‘DRUGS’ spelt out in large porcelain letters hanging out front, has served the community for most of its time as a drugstore. The simple addition of a period to DRUGS transformed the former drugstore into what is now Dr. UGS Café. Dr. Ugs opened in 2007 with 39-year-old Adam and his 38-year-old wife Jessica Stock taking ownership of the cafe in 2012.

The Stocks, along with their daughters Corinna and new arrival Ella, provide a safe haven for artists, farmers, bikers, and families alike to catch a few tunes, share their art, and grab a bite to eat. Dr. Ugs serves fresh paninis, wraps, flatbread pizzas, soups, and salads. The café also offers a full line of coffee, espresso, granitas, wine, beer, spirits, and daily specials. Dr. Ugs café pushes the limits when it comes to culture, food, art, and music by offering Brazilian and Thai food during a special dinner around the world series. You could even go to a murder mystery dinner or comedy show with Dr. Gonzo at Dr. Ugs. Along with several specialty events, the café also features local musicians. Artists are also welcome to come in and hang their paintings on the walls in a very open, supportive, and casual setting. “It’s an outlet for everyone to be different or to perform,” said Adam.

Following its success, Dr. Ugs is now also located at Hand of Fate Brewing Company in Petersburg. “It’s a great opportunity to work with Mike Allison and pair good food with excellent beer,” said Adam. "This proves that, although it’s tough - very tough, the American dream is still alive. With a little hard work and a good product, you rise up and beat the odds." 

Adam affectionately refers to his wife Jessica as the heart of the café. “She makes the café her full time job and is always hands-on. She cooks, waits on tables, takes out trash, completes orders, plans special events, books work, and organizes catering events. It’s a labor of love. It’s art form in cooking. It’s very rewarding to bring happiness to people through food and art.” 

Dr. Ugs has something for everyone. “The laughter, the conversations, and the introduction of a new experience is rewarding. We are excited to take this second location at Hand of Fate Brewing Company to a new level and start adding some of our stand alone store specials and live music.”

We can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings for both the Stocks and Dr. Ugs – we’re certain they’ll continue to create something uniquely awesome.

Photo Credit: Dr. Ugs Café