Compass – a vote in the right direction

Compass – a vote in the right direction

Camp Compass is in the running for $25,000 from State Farm Neighborhood Assist. 
Voting starts today so we, at – supporters of our Springfield community, are helping to get the word out and ask for your vote.

Camp Compass’ cause is titled "Academic and Enrichment Summer Camp for Homeless Children." 

“Homeless children are mostly invisible in our community,” said Molly Berendt, founder and executive director of Compass for Kids. “Once children fall too far behind in school, they are forgotten. Students experiencing homelessness are just as smart as other students, but their challenging and stressful lives have made it hard for them to attend school, learn, and achieve at grade level. We believe that these homeless children deserve our support. We want to show them that our community cares enough about them to give them the resources they need to succeed.” 

If successful, the $25,000 will go towards Camp Compass, a summer program that serves homeless and other at-risk elementary students. Camp Compass hires licensed teachers to instruct the students daily in math and reading and has a proven track record in educating students and showing statistically significant growth from the beginning to the end of camp. 

“Camp Compass has an immeasurable impact on our community,” said Molly. “Think about the most vulnerable, at-risk children being sought out and given extra resources to make sure they can be successful. Taking children whom everyone else has overlooked and giving them extra academic, social-emotional, and enrichment support means that we are transforming children and their futures.” Compass is taking children who are on the path to being a high school dropout, being in a gang, or running into trouble with the law. Instead, the non-profit seeks these children out now, while they're still young, and shows them they can succeed with some extra support. “There is the possibility of a different life. Our community could be a different place if the most vulnerable children were cared for and given a different path,” said Molly. 

You can vote for Camp Compass here 

Anyone with an email address can register with State Farm and vote 10 times a day for the next 10 days. The money will go towards Camp Compass 2017.