Cocktail of the month: My Morning Coffee

Graham Nicholson of Floyd’s Thirst Parlor brings us December’s Cocktail of the Month and you’ll most certainly want to give this one a go if you’re a fan of coffee or chocolate! Yum.

Bitterness is key in balancing the overt sweetness of the bourbon cream.  This cocktail was an attempt to refine the simple "Baileys-and-coffee" mix - a popular winter drink.  The bourbon cream is a richer, more flavorful whiskey cream liqueur than the average Irish cream, while cold-brewed coffee, courtesy of Custom Cup Coffee, is more extracted than drip-brewed coffee.  This creates a lot of depth and richness that I use the bitterness of the fernet and the chocolate bitters to tame.



My Morning Coffee

 0.75 oz. Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Liqueur

0.75 oz. Fernet-Vallet

1.5 oz. cold-brewed coffee concentrate (from Custom Cup)

Two to three dashes chocolate bitters

0.5 tsp. cayenne-winter spice blend

Spice blend:

0.5-cup ground cinnamon

Two tbsp. ground nutmeg

Two tsp. ground clove

One tsp. cayenne pepper

0.5 tsp. fine sea salt


Add all ingredients to a large brandy snifter, with ice, and stir just enough to chill and thoroughly mix.



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