Buzz Bomb Brewing Company: The Latest Buzz
Josh Flanders & Bill Larson, Buzz Bomb Brewing co.

Josh Flanders & Bill Larson, Buzz Bomb Brewing co.

Fans from the very beginning, we checked in with Josh Flanders and Bill Larson of Buzz Bomb Brewing Company to get the latest on renovations at the flagship location in downtown Springfield.

Bill and Josh are yet to name an official opening date, as construction is ongoing, but say the new brewery is slowly taking shape. “Right now, things have been moving at a slower pace than originally anticipated, but once we get final approval we know that things will start coming together rather quickly,” said Josh.  The brewing company did however secure approval for its AA class liquor license on July 5th, which means Josh and Bill will be able to serve patrons in the new taproom, as well as fill growlers in-house, once the brewery opens.

To date, the pair has poured 120 hours into removing stucco from the brick walls and making necessary repairs.

The custom-made, copper top, bar took four hours to create. The bar in its entirety, including shiplap, has so far put Bill and Josh at over 100-man hours. Along with manual labor, the duo has been working hard to perfect the interior design. Unique pieces of furniture have been purchased for upstairs including vintage swivel barrel chairs with eye-catching leather patchwork. High-backed booth seating, in midnight black, have been purchased for customers seeking a more intimate setting in which to share their brews.

“Some of the projects we’ve taken on have presented real learning experiences,” said Bill. “We’ve had to do a few things over again to get them right, but we know that it’ll be worth it in the end.”

Paintwork has also commenced with a generous coat of brilliant copper accentuating the molded ceiling tiles on the lower level above the bar. While they have made considerable progress larger projects, such as plumbing and electrical, are yet to be completed. Next, comes the brewery itself.

“Along with working on the brewery, Bill and I have been doing events like ‘Shoes & Brews to maintain visibility and continue to hone our craft,” said Josh. “We’re working hard to ensure that everything we share is the best that it can be and we hope that this shows.”

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Photo Credit: Josh Flanders, Bill Larson & Ericka Hatcher