Aligning networking with growth

Key to building a successful business is reputation. We spoke with two chiropractors in Springfield that each created their practices from scratch less than five years ago and are thriving thanks to their investment in Business Networking International.

Dr. Bryne Willey launched AlignLife of Springfield Chiropractic & Natural Health Center, on Iles, five years ago. The main focus for him, in growing his client base and supporting the community, has been BNI, which has brought with it an extensive network of valued contacts and positive referrals.

He joined the Springfield Insiders BNI chapter around the same time he launched AlignLife of Springfield. “It has been a great way to meet a lot of people and it has been a no brainer in terms of how members and the people they know have sought treatment at the office. It has helped build our brand in a very short amount of time in Springfield,” he said. 
Dr. Bryne believes that BNI has provided an opportunity to build trust with other business owners who then go out and advocate for his services.

How has BNI helped your business succeed? “When you get to know someone and like and trust them, then you feel comfortable recommending them. To be able to have colleagues who are also friends and patients advocate for you and your business is something that is very difficult to replicate.”

An example of the support Dr. Bryne receives from his BNI group is in the community work and fundraising AlignLife does. In July Dr. Bryne and his team collected and donated more than 1,200 non-perishable food items to Kumler Outreach Ministries and this month, the third annual Run for Prevention 5K will take place in Washington Park, of which many participants are BNI members. 
But it takes time and commitment when networking. “You can't just show up and expect people to build your business for you. If you value the people in your group and those relationships you develop like you do your business itself, your return will be clear to see,” said Dr. Bryne. 

Travis Taylor joined the Springfield Thursday Lunch BNI chapter in 2013 and launched his own venture, 66 Chiropractic in 2015. 66 Chiropractic provides relief from musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, plantar fasciitis, and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, to name a few. “Being proactive in organizations like BNI allows me to not only keep up with market trends, but it also provides me the opportunity to network with other local business owners. The implications of this type of social networking have priceless benefits and build lasting relationships with members of the community,” he said.

Dr. Travis said the weekly meetings generate client referrals and have ultimately led to an increase in his business. “These referrals are different from most in that you know they come from motivated and professional, like-minded individuals who share similar business goals. This type of networking provides me with a valuable source of connections and opportunity that I would not otherwise be aware of.”

In particular, Dr. Travis said BNI has provided a means to put his business ‘out there’ and expose his skills and values to the community. “My biggest piece of advice for those considering joining BNI is simple. Join and don’t think twice about doing it. While it may seem like a daunting commitment at first, the unique experiences and opportunities awaiting your business are unprecedented. I walk into every meeting with an open mind and a sense of appreciation knowing I am a part of an organization with a variety of professional and motivated members.” 
If you are interested in visiting a Business Networking International chapter in Springfield get in touch with Central Illinois Director, Jeff Ensinger, on 309 453 2463 or email or visit

You can sign up for the AlignLife of Springfield Run for Prevention by visiting