Reiser Art Work

When heard about Reiser Art Work and saw photographs of the work, we had to find out more. 

The beautiful pieces constructed of cut metal and reclaimed wood led us to 24-year-old owner, operator, and son of Springfield, Danny Reiser. The artist and nomadic bachelor splits his time between family, work, and traveling the globe in search of inspiration and genuine connection.  

Reiser Art Work, or RAW, specializes in the fabrication of custom metal projects meticulously cut using an automated CNC plasma cutter. These designs are then mounted to specially constructed wood mounts from two local, private lumber providers.  Danny founded RAW in October of 2013, thanks to the unwavering support of his father, whose resourcefulness provided Danny with lumber and materials, and his mother’s enthusiasm for his artistic liberty. 

An introspective thinker, Danny has been contemplating the principalities of artwork since the age of three. His family, ever benevolent to his artistic drive, was always there to feed his curiosity with required supplies and, “an overarching praise of the finished product,” as Danny puts it. Fostered with such love and generosity, it is no wonder that Danny’s father is the source of his greatest inspiration. Throughout his childhood, he was fortunate enough to witness, and even in his youth, find an appreciation for his father’s “disciplined approach to a well-earned workday,” which is what often “guides [him] through any failure of mind sight,” said Danny.  

“This type of artwork is robust and contains many different variables of input from the customers; be it the designing process, painting, mounting, or symbolism behind the project. The finished project often surprises people in its weight, attention to detail, and uniqueness.”

Following his artistic passion comes with its own set of rewards and challenges. “For the same reason it is a most challenging endeavor, the self-acknowledgement of a job well accomplished near-entirely on my own behalf brings with it a great sense of pride. The respect of my family, friends, and of my own accord in regard to the quality of my work is a truly joyful experience,” said Danny. At the same time, operating as a sole proprietorship puts 100% of the accountability on Danny and leaves room for zero excuses, as he is typically alone from start to finish with these projects.

New and upcoming professional projects include his first set of large pieces coming out of the workshop – it has been over a year since he has done this. One is for a Utah outdoor hiking company, whose owners Danny met last year during a hike through Bryce Canyon and Mt. Zion National Park. The others are large-scale designer maps that have been the most well received projects in his four years of doing business.

RAW operates out of two locations, in Pleasant Plains where the cutting process takes place, and in Springfield where the painting and finishing methods are completed.  Projects are accepted with long-term due dates as Danny is an avid traveler who traverses the country in pursuit of new opportunities. Those interested in picking up already completed pieces can do so at the RAW location in Springfield as well as at Studio on 6th, Consign and Design, and Sangamon Reclaimed. Custom projects can be requested via telephone or email. “My traveling is semi-annually punctuated by trips back home to fulfill any orders that may come in with the appropriate due dates,” said Danny.

Further bodies of work include works of poetry (Fate Series), a novel (Lessons of a Cage), and the probability of a similarly sized metal shop located in San Juan Bautista, CA where Danny will be running a hotel with another friend he met throughout his journeys in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

“Above all else, I am a nomadic acquirer of meaningful relationships with people who want to absorb a deeper sense of purpose in their lives. I’ve struggled with depression and many other types of mental stressors that dampen one’s own sense of coping with the world around us; being said, I believe compassionate discussions to be the healing agent in these distracted times of information overload. My curiosity outworks any shyness; do not be afraid to reach out.”


Reiser Art Work

Telephone: 217-971-8134