What to do with pets when selling your home

There’s no doubt that man’s best friend is his dog, but potential buyers may not always see it that way. If you have pets and you are selling your home it’s worth giving some thought into how you prepare for showings. Our resident Realtor, Deb Sarsany of The Deb Sarsany Team at The Real Estate Group, shares with us some of her top tips when it comes to caring for your pets during the home selling process. 

It is also wise to remove pets during showings. Barking dogs are the worst. Most buyers will not spend much time in the house, as it’s very distracting.

Although you may find your dog cute it won’t help sell your home and will only serve to remind buyers (that may not appreciate man’s best friend) that the house has contained pets previously. 
It’s important to repair any damage. As much as we love our pets damage to the home is never attractive when trying to appeal to potential buyers. You may need to replace carpets, furniture, hardwood flooring, walls even, doors, the fence or turf in your garden. 

Pets have accidents and, while you may have got used to the pet smell over time, potential buyers will be sure to notice it. It is extremely important to remedy this and may be the most important change to make if you have pets when selling your home. Have your carpets and floors professionally cleaned. If you cannot remove the smell in a particular room you may need to consider replacing the flooring. 

Be sure to tidy your yard. Before your Realtor makes a showing ensure you have picked up any messes in the yard and have sod replaced where it has been dug up. One of my top tips when it comes to selling your home, and you have a dog or dogs, is to never neglect your yard. The outside is just as important as the inside to some buyers. 

Don’t leave obvious signs of a pet being in the home, Pick up any toys, kennels, food etc. As with other forms of staging a home removing the pet clutter is just as important as removing your own mess. 

Before you begin the process of showing your home, if you cannot remove your pet during showings, talk to your Realtor about special showing instructions to advise Realtors there are pets on the premises, such as “dog will be in kennel – do not touch – or very friendly.” You may also want to speak with your insurance agent about pet liability as you can be held liable for your pet biting someone while on your property. You should check that your home insurance includes dog bite coverage. 

Just remember, not all buyers are pet lovers and that’s ok if it means they buy your house. 

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