The benefits to living near a park

There are a number of obvious benefits to living near a park, but there are also some less obvious ones according to our in-house Realtor, Deb Sarsany of the Deb Sarsany Team at The Real Estate Group. 

Living near a park allows you and your family the opportunity to enjoy time together in the open. For children and young adults, in particular, having contact with nature is critical to their health and development. Being physically active, exploring your environment, and breathing in fresh air is good for you no matter your age. Taking time out works wonders for your mental wellbeing too.

Any excuse to close the laptop, put down the cell phone, and switch off the tablet is a good one. Living close to a park will encourage you, even on a not so good day, to step outside and put technology aside. You may even discover a new bike path, pond, or nature reserve. 
A park, and nearby neighborhoods, which in Springfield and surrounding areas include Centennial Park, Washington Park, Southwind Park, and Rotary Park, to name a few can help encourage a sense of community where kids ride their bikes and play a game of baseball together.

There are the more established neighborhoods such as Leland Grove, situated near Washington Park, where you can enjoy its surroundings of 100-year-old trees, botanical gardens, and Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon or newer ones such as those close to Southwind Park, and plenty for the family to do with a splash pad for the youngsters, a pond to fish in and even music to dance to under the Selvaggio Historic Arches.

Living near the park also comes with a few drawbacks; increased traffic, noise from late night ballgames, or concerts and foot traffic in your front yard. People often walk their dogs in the park, which may bring a bit of barking and mess, which can be a turnoff for those that are not dog lovers.

Purchasing a house near a park may be more costly, but it may also be a good choice when it comes to return on investment. Those selling a home near a park may also find it sells more quickly, compared to other locations, too.

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For more information on parks in Springfield visit Springfield Park District’s website.