Selling your home in the Holidays

Selling your home in the Holidays

In the latest installment of the Deb Sarsany Team at The Real Estate Group’s guide to buying and selling your home, we look at the pros and cons of doing so over the Holidays.

Clients that are looking to sell around Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year, often ask whether they should bother decorating their home and the answer is ‘yes,’ according to Deb who has more than 20 years’ experience as a realtor in Central Illinois. “If you’re prepared to spend the time decorating your home for the Holidays this can be a real draw for buyers,” she said. “Walking into a home that looks set for a fantastic holiday, with the smells of Thanksgiving or Christmas, stockings by the fireplace and a fresh holly wreath hanging on the front door can help sway a buyer to truly imagine themselves living in your home.”

The other pro to selling your home during the holidays is that inventory tends to lessen at this time, which means there is less competition within the housing market. “If you really want to sell your home and get a good price, the market will slow down between November and February and that means you’re likely to experience more showings from your realtor and even, possibly, more and higher offers,” said Deb.

If you do reach an agreement, and enter into a contract, at Christmas it’s unlikely that either party will want to move until the Holidays have passed. “So don’t panic,” said Deb. “When you are negotiating the terms of your contact with the buyers’ realtor come to the agreement that the move takes place in January. This way you don’t need to take down all of your festive decorations, but instead enjoy them in your home one last time.”

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