Realtor versus FSBO

The for-sale-by-owner, or FSBO, process has become increasingly popular in recent years with the advent of sites such as Zillow and Trulia available on demand. There’s no denying that today information is much easier to access than it used to be thanks to the internet and smartphone technology. 

You may think that, through the FSBO process, you’re likely to save yourself some money but are you going to be able to get the price you want for your home and within the timeframe you’re hoping for? 

Deb Sarsany of the Deb Sarsany Team at The Real Estate Group strongly advises sellers to consider working with a realtor before going it alone. 

With more than 20 years’ experience in the real estate market Deb has seen, time and time again, sellers struggle for months before admitting defeat and seeking the support of a realtor. 

‘There are a lot of pros when it comes to working with a realtor over attempting to sell on your own,’ said Deb. 

‘For one thing, a realtor will see your home from a new perspective and will be able to tell you what needs changing and/or updating in order to appeal to buyers. Many experienced realtors, like myself, have staged multiple homes so know what needs to be done in order to sell a property at the right price and within an acceptable amount of time.

‘A good realtor will also have a clear idea of listing prices in the area, which homes have previously sold, how the homes compare to yours and set a strategic price for your home.’

Deb has access to marketing tools that sellers do not. She also understands what it is buyers are looking for in each price bracket – and what it is they are willing to forgo when the right property comes on the market. 

‘When it comes to photographing your home each realtor, or their team, works with an experienced photographer who is able to maximize value when showing it to prospective buyers in a way a smartphone cannot,’ said Deb. 

Selling your home is an emotional process so it makes sense that you have a third party represent you and your interests. 

Deb says the biggest misconception when selling FSBO, is that the seller will save a lot of money if they sell without a realtor. However, with 93% of today’s buyers working with an agent, the seller will most likely pay a commission to the buyer’s agent. ‘Sellers also underestimate the volume of paperwork involved with contracts, inspections, title work and closing documents. Many sellers end up hiring an attorney to assure it is done correctly. There are additional expenses to stage, market and advertise your home. Exposure is key when it comes to selling and you cannot get that without a realtor,’ said Deb. 

The days of sticking a sign in your yard are long gone. The vast majority of buyers search online for a home. Whether it’s through the likes of Trulia and Zillow or social media platforms. These online sites encourage buyers to call a realtor to look at your home.

Realtors, such as Deb, invest a lot of money in gaining exposure online on search sites, their own websites, social media platforms and marketing material so they already have the upper hand. 

Bottom line, before you take on the challenges of selling your own home, sit down with a realtor and see what they have to offer. 

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