Preparing your home for Christmas … and not losing the plot

If you have family or friends coming to stay during the holidays your to do list is probably as long as both arms. We spoke to our expert Realtor, and stager, Deb Sarsany of The Deb Sarsany Team at The Real Estate Group. Deb has plenty of experience when it comes to preparing for guests during the holidays.

Entrance & porch

Make sure your walkways and entrances are free of ice and snow, that your outdoor lighting is working, and that you have somewhere, whether it’s a closet or drop zone, to place warm weather clothing, including shoes and boots.

Living area

If rugs aren’t looking their best it’s worth the cost of having them professionally cleaned, especially if you have four-legged friends at home, and you’re entertaining little ones that are still crawling and putting their hands in the their mouths at every possible opportunity.


Did you know that you could hire a company to pressure wash and/or chemical wash your grout? It’s true, you really can. So, if your tiled floors or walls are looking drab give them some sparkle before the family descends. Check that the bathroom fans and lights are in good order and be sure you have enough guest towels.


You probably feel that the Kitchen is a complete disaster following Thanksgiving, but there’s no need to panic. If you’re struggling for space, think about stowing away appliances that are currently placed on your countertops. For example, do you need the kettle and toaster out all day every day? If you need extra workspace could you purchase a kitchen island on wheels – this would also give you extra storage. When you’re done with the island for the holidays you could store it until the next family gathering or use outdoors, on the deck, when grilling in the summer.

Guest rooms

If your guest room is more like a storage closet, clear as much as you can and store items in the garage, attic, or basement. Make sure you have a side table and lamp – not everyone will go to bed, or wake, at the same time. A nice touch is including a small stack of magazines for your guests to read. I also like to place a small mason jar of flowers on the bedside table. A couple of water bottles and midnight snacks go down well too! Make sure you have plenty of hangers – especially if you have a party planned – there’ll be plenty of outfits that need hanging.


With so many people in the house, coming and going, burn a few candles in the evenings – also adding some Christmas cheer.