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If you’re a small business owner, starting your career, or depend on commission for a living the relationships you build are key to your success. One of the strongest professional relationships is that of a Realtor and a mortgage lender as Jerry Boster, mortgage loan expert from Security Bank in Springfield, tells us. You can learn a lot from the relationship between a lender and a Realtor and apply this to your own endeavors, says Jerry.

When it comes down to it, Realtors look for lenders with access to a variety of products, a credible reputation, and those who are easy to communicate with.

Realtor Megan Pressnall and I started working together in 2015 at the recommendation of a mutual friend, Steve Myers of Myers Commercial Real Estate. “Jerry has an in-depth knowledge of the many grant programs that can make home ownership attainable to first time home buyers,“ said Megan. “He explains the programs in easy to understand terms and can answer any questions that arise along the way.”

Realtors also work with mortgage lenders whom they can trust to help clients get what they need to close on time. “Jerry is often ready to close earlier if requested and meets with the buyer one week prior to close to ensure there are no surprises on the day of closing,” added Megan of The Real Estate Group.

Reliability, as in any industry, is incredibly important to those involved because if you do not close everyone will walk away with nothing. I have worked with KC Sullivan at The Real Estate Group for a few years now on numerous transactions. “Jerry has been an asset for me to refer clients to for information and help with the lending process,” said KC. “His knowledge of home mortgages is evident to anyone who speaks with him. Jerry handles himself with professionalism and his response time is impressive. He is upfront with his clients about every cost they will incur in the home buying process so they are not surprised at closing time.”

When purchasing your first home, choosing to go with a recommended mortgage lender is very important. If you search for your own lender you may indeed find someone that quotes a competitive rate, but has little experience, which can lead to delays. Megan said she values the depth of knowledge and experience someone, like myself, can provide her first time buyers that may need a little extra handholding. "Jerry has an in-depth knowledge of the many grant programs that can make home ownership attainable to first time home buyers. He explains the programs in easy to understand terms and can answer any questions that arise along the way.” When you are working with new clients in the lending world, which is similar for insurance, real estate, and financial planning, you often need to think outside of the box to find a solution that fits best at that time. This is something that Coldwell Banker, Honig-Bell Realtor, Laura Catherwood and I have worked on together several times throughout the years. “Jerry puts my buyers at ease - they can tell him their whole situation and he comes up with a solution. He and his bank go over and above the cookie-cutter loan products and offer a larger variety of options. It's a lifesaver for some of my buyers,” she said.

Broker Jerry George of The Real Estate Group began working with me about a year ago. He said he looks for timeliness, accessibility, and attention to detail when it comes to recommending his clients to a mortgage lender.

“Jerry is very organized, detailed, and exceptional follow up for all sides of the transaction, even if clients are not his. He is always available at work or after hours. He is the best lender in town.”

You never know where a lead may take you, which is why it’s important to develop strong and lasting relationships with those who are able to refer clients your way. As well as gaining referrals from Realtors I too work hard to develop leads for my contacts through networking opportunities such as Business Networking International, attending events organized by The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, and being an active member of the American Business Club of Springfield. In order to develop, and sustain, successful professional relationships solid referrals must come from both parties. If you continue to increase your knowledge, take on challenges to build on your experience, and act professionally you will find it a lot easier to gain and give referrals, convert leads, and increase your revenue or income.

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