Location, location, location

You’ll have heard it time and time again ‘buy the worst house on the best street’. Why? If you give the home a little (or a lot of) TLC, depending on its condition, it will be easier to sell in the future

Our in-house real estate specialist, Deb Sarsany of the Deb Sarsany Team at The Real Estate Group, explains why, when it comes to buying a home, it’s all about location, location, location. 

Before you even begin to look for your new home you need to decide on which neighborhood you want to live in, raise a family or retire, for example. You’ll definitely want to look at the crime statistics. Choosing the right neighborhood is very important because you want to feel safe enough to walk your dog, spend time in the garden and interact with your neighbors. One of the best ways to scout out a good neighborhood is to ask your Realtor what he or she thinks, speak with family and friends, and if you know someone who lives nearby talk with them too. 

If you have children, or you’re planning to add children to you family, you need to consider the quality of the school district. If you’re new to the area, ask around. Here in Springfield, we have some great schools and, if you ask, plenty of parents will have an opinion about their children’s education. Don’t forget that the school district in which you choose to buy will also have an impact on your property taxes. You may also want to look into whether the area is set to be annexed – you don’t want to buy a home with a particular school in mind to find that the designation of a district has changed once your children reach school age. 

Think about the activities you participate in and their locations. Do you have a favorite spot to eat, park to visit, mall to shop at? Where is your work located? Do you want to be close to family? All of these are important questions when deciding on the location of your home. You may want to be close to amenities, shops, and your favorite grocery store. You may choose to live out of Springfield; in Chatham, Rochester, Petersburg, Lincoln, Jacksonville or Taylorville, for example. It’s best to talk this over with your Realtor before you begin the process as he or she will be able to better advise you when searching for the right home. 

Do you need easy access to the highway because you travel for work? If so, you might want to choose a neighborhood near the highway to help cut down the time you spend in your vehicle each day. That being said, you probably don’t want a home that backs onto the highway or railroad tracks – so make this clear when discussing location with your Realtor. 

Do you want to buy a boat and spend your summers on Lake Springfield, or do you have a membership to a golf club? If so you need to consider the commute time for each of these destinations.  

There are other things to think about too. Are you looking to buy in a new subdivision, which is currently under development? Think about the view from your home; will that soon be blocked by a new condo? Will the noise from construction be bearable and the dust and dirt in summer acceptable? 

Make sure you investigate the water table and likelihood of a flood. Also, you’ll want to know whether the earth beneath your new home is near a mine in order to avoid buying a place with the potential of subsidence. If you’re buying on the edge of the city, because you want to be in the countryside, make sure there aren’t plans for a highway to go through your back lawn, a new shopping mall, or neighborhood to be built. 

At the end of the day, choosing the best location for you and your family is about asking the right questions. This will likely be one of the largest expenses in your life so you don’t want to get it wrong. Seek advice from an experienced Realtor who can walk you through the process of buying your new home. 

For more information about the Deb Sarsany Team at The Real Estate Group visit: facebook.com/debsarsanyteam or call (217) 313-0580.