De-clutter your home

De-clutter your home

Welcome readers to the first in a series of articles about buying and selling homes in Central Illinois. We spoke to Deb Sarsany, of the Deb Sarsany Team at The Real Estate Group, a realtor of more than 20 years about her experience in the Springfield, Chatham, Rochester and New Berlin housing markets. In this article we asked Deb about ways in which to de-clutter your home to make sure it’s looking top notch for the best possible sale price.

According to Deb, there are three key ways to ensure you de-clutter your home when you’re trying to secure that sale.

Deb, who has been selling homes in Springfield, IL, since 2007 and who assists many of her clients in de-cluttering their homes in order to secure a sale, advices sellers that they look to de-clutter their homes by sorting into three piles; 1) what are you dumping or donating to charity, 2) what can go into storage, 3) what needs to stay in the home.

Items in the ‘dumping or donating to charity’ pile are trash or anything you no longer need. For example this pile should contain any clothes you haven’t worn in years, electrical items you no longer use, any furniture that isn’t up to scratch, but can be useful to someone less fortunate than yourself. With that in mind, the Habitat for Humanity Restore, situated at 2744 S 6th St, Springfield, IL, welcomes donations of new or gently used furniture and home building materials and Contact Ministries, situated at 1100 E Adams St, Springfield, IL 62703, accepts items for its free boutique ranging from gently used clothes, bedding, towels, household items and baby items.

Items in the ‘what can go into storage’ pile are those that you want to keep but need not be in the home while your realtor is showing it. “So, if you can’t bear to part with that parker lounger from your days as a bachelor that’s ok, you may love it, but the people who are viewing your home may not, so stick it in storage,” said Deb. “Anything that looks worn or clutters up the flow of the home, which makes it hard for potential buyers to imagine themselves living needs to go into storage.”

And finally, those items that need to stay in the home such as the toaster, kettle, sofas etc. can either go in the cupboards or be spruced up with a few scatter cushions and a new location. “People don’t want to see the back of a tatty sofa as they walk in the front door, but if you place it against a wall, add a throw and scatter a few cushions you’re heading in the right direction,” said Deb.

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