The Secret to Weight Loss

Life is often so busy that, for many of us, finding time to workout, prepare a healthy meal, and take time out to relax is near impossible. Don’t despair because help is at hand. Dr Bryne Willey of AlignLife of Springfield Chiropractic and Natural Health Center is hosting a free workshop this month on the Three Secrets to Weight Loss. 

Dr Bryne will discuss how PH plays a vital role in weight management, why fatigue, depression, and pain usually accompany weight gain, and simple, easy, tools for quick and permanent weight loss without drugs. 

“Do you constantly struggle with weight loss? Do you make progress only to see it fade away? There are many factors to weight loss that you may not be aware of. This workshop will not only inform you of these factors but teach your how to manage them in order to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle,” said Dr Bryne. 

Anyone who attends has a chance to win a $500 shopping spree. 

The workshop takes place on Thursday 13th April 6pm through 7pm at AlignLife of Springfield is located at 2025 West Iles Ave, Springfield, IL 62704. For more information about the workshop, or to sign up, visit: at 

For more information about AlignLife of Springfield Chiropractic and Natural Health Center check out the Facebook page: or call (217) 803-1610